Tips and Tricks for Using PlayPosit

Here is a list of some tricks and tips for success that will help make you and your students’ experience with PlayPosit more enjoyable and engaging:

  • Don't put an interaction right at the end, always have at least one second from the end without any interactions to ensure your students will be able to complete the bulbs with any technical errors.

Using PlayPosit Broadcast

Broadcast is PlayPosit’s solution for synchronous learning. When using Broadcast you will display the video at the front of the class and students will answer questions using their personal device. It functions much like Clickers, but student’s use their own computer, tablet, or phone to participate.

Create an Interactive Syllabus

Take a look at our example before jumping into how to create your own.

Note: Please open this page in a Private Browser/Incognito Window if you receive an "Unauthorized Preview" of our example below.

PlayPosit Examples Showcase

At times the best way to learn something new is to see it in action. With that in mind we’ve put together a showcase of five PlayPosit bulbs to help you better understand how bulbs can be used in unique ways in both your live and asynchronous courses. 

Note: Please open this page in a Private Browser/Incognito Window if you receive an "Unauthorized Preview" of our examples.

PlayPosit Academy

PlayPosit Academy was created by PlayPosit’s Instructional Design Team to provide asynchronous training that will help you produce interactive videos for your courses. The Academy includes twelve short modules that start with the basics of PlayPosit and work up to the more advanced features. Each module contains two steps: learning a new skill and seeing it in action through use cases. This two step approach leaves you prepared to start creating some wonderfully engaging content for your courses.

Graduate Student Instructor Access to PlayPosit

If you are a graduate student, when you go to you may see the PlayPosit Student Dashboard (which does not allow you to create or manage your PlayPosit bulbs). This is due to the way PlayPosit and D2L communicate and unfortunately, it cannot be changed at the moment. However, there is a backdoor solution for graduate students to access the PlayPosit Instructor Dashboard as found below.
To access the PlayPosit Instructor Dashboard:

    Use UA Library Videos with PlayPosit

    A commonly asked question by instructors is whether or not videos and movies from the UArizona Library site are compatible with PlayPosit. Unfortunately, movies from these streaming services cannot be directly linked to a PlayPosit bulb. Videos must be either downloaded and accessed through the instructor's Panopto folder, or be available for free on YouTube or Vimeo. 

    Important items to note:

    Syllabus Introduction to PlayPosit

    Feel free to copy & paste the content below or share the link to this article to introduce your students to Playposit: 


    Best Practice for Bulb Construction

    Here are some tips to consider when using Playposit in your course:

    Introduction to PlayPosit for Students


    PlayPosit takes a passive experience, like watching a video, and makes it more interactive for you as the learner. The interactions are embedded throughout the video, varying from multiple choice questions, true/false statements, reflective pauses, polls and discussions. This gives you an opportunity to engage with the video while reflecting on your gained knowledge from the lesson.

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