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H5P is a free, open-source content authoring tool that allows educators to create interactive activities that can include videos, quizzes, games, and presentations. H5P is an abbreviation for HTML 5 Package. It's a plug-in tool for interactive content created by a company previously called Joubel and now called H5P Group

H5P activities can be used on websites, in D2L, and in open educational resources like Pressbooks. Once an activity has been created, it is fully responsive and device friendly, which means students can access the activities on any device at any time.

There are no technical skills required to create or use an H5P activity. H5P activities can also be reused, shared, and adapted. So, if you find one being used somewhere that you like, you can usually adapt it for your own use with ease.

Interested in using H5P?

H5P activities can be used within a D2L course. H5P activities can also be used outside of D2L, such as embedded on a webpage or within an open educational textbook such as Pressbooks. Please use the links below to submit a request:

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