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Online Proctoring Updates

After much deliberation, InTech has decided to postpone the implementation of Examity’s new platform due to concerns around student and instructor experience. The team is working closely with our partners at Examity for extensive testing of the new platform to ensure it will meet the needs of the university with the hopes of implementing during the winter intersession.

For many reasons, fiscal impact among them, we have refined our guidelines for Examity use on campus. We are asking that those using or considering to use Examity follow these guidelines for test level selection. In addition, if you are interested in using Examity, please fill out the webform to request Examity usage. Instructors need to request for Examity usage every semester.

Proctored Exam Guidelines

All exams and courses with Examity components will have the following in place: 

  • Faculty will decide on adoption prior to add/drop date of the semester (September 6 for Fall 2020).

  • Course should include Syllabus language and communication to students regarding use of Examity.

  • Course should provide student access to the Examity privacy policy & technology requirements.

  • The exam availability to students will be set for a minimum of 48-hours for all proctored exams.

  • Prepare alternative assessments for students without adequate technology, testing space, or internet capabilities. 

Examity Level Guidelines

For high-stakes assessments (midterms, finals, or tests worth a significant portion of the final grade)

  • Record and Review (Level 2/Live Standard)

  • Automated Proctoring (Level 1P/Auto Premium)

Live Proctoring (Level 3/Live Premium)

  • Available for certification exams

  • Case-by-case basis for high-stakes assessments with Department Chair approval 

    • Chair Approval Form can be found here.

Online Proctoring Alternatives

D2L Quizzes

  • Utilizing D2L Tools (question pools, randomization, timed exams, etc)

  • Using date/time restrictions for exam access

  • Building assessments with complex, application, and reflective questions

  • Focus on building a Culture of Honesty

Authentic Assessment

  • Instructional design support for instructors as they design authentic assessments

  • Building assessments that are scaffolded and lack a single “correct” answer.

Zoom Proctoring 

  • Utilizing Zoom to proctor small groups of students

  • Successfully used by several professors during midterms and finals

  • Testing Office is equipped to do small-scale Zoom proctoring for special circumstances

Digital Learning & OIA Assessment Design Support

  • Digital Learning has Instructional Designers in Open Office Hours twice a week for assessment and course design support

  • OIA has Professors of Practice available for consultations

Other Questions or Concerns

If you have questions about online proctoring, please contact InTech at InTech@arizona.edu.

If you would like to still consider using Examity for your exams, fill out the web form and an InTech team member will reach out to schedule your training and course import.

If online proctoring is not a good fit for your course, Digital Learning has Instructional Design support on call to talk with you about alternative assessment approaches. Please visit digitallearning.arizona.edu to connect with an Instructional Designer via zoom.  

Updated: August 6, 2020

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