Canvas Credentials (Badgr)


Canvas Credentials (formerly Badgr) is a digital badging platform that gives badge creators the opportunity to create and maintain stackable, portable credentials. The University of Arizona uses Canvas Credentials to provide a framework through which University units can create badges based on defined evidence and criteria and then issue the credentials to earners who have met the criteria. Badge earners can claim badges through Canvas Credentials and can then choose to share their badges on social media and resumes.

Note: Badgr was recently acquired by Instructure, and has been renamed to Canvas Credentials. You will notice that name in some of the help documentation, but it does not affect any UArizona accounts.


UArizona's Canvas Badges platform offers some great benefits:  



  • Badges are shareable: Digital badges are embedded with data that verifies your skills and achievements and have been rebranded to emphasize the UA official colors and logos. Proudly share these badges with colleagues and potential employers! Built-in sharing buttons make Canvas Badges easy to share on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Instructions for sharing badges on social media.


  • Lifetime badge storage: You have access to Canvas Badges Backpack. This online storage stays with you after graduating or leaving UArizona and can be used to store any future badges you earn from thousands of issuers throughout your career. Instructions for using the Canvas Badges Backpack.


More information for badge recipients at: Welcome UArizona Learners to Canvas Badges


For badge issuers needing technical support using the Canvas Credentials platform, please contact the D2L and InTech team at