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We don’t have everything you need to know about PlayPosit, VoiceThread, and Examity in our Knowledge Base. Our InTech Knowledge Base is focused mostly on aspects of these tools that our vendors’ support teams can’t answer such as how D2L and each of our tools work together. 

Create an Automated Practice Test

Being a first-time user of Examity can be very challenging for students as they are dealing with the usual stress of a high-stakes exam. To alleviate the tension of using a new technology in a high-stress environment, introduce your students to Examity and other new tools with low-stake assignments. We recommend that you create an automated practice test for the students to get familiar with using Examity. Let’s get started!

Begin Exam button not enabled within Examity Automated Proctoring

To enable the "Begin Exam" button within Chrome on a Mac within an Examity Automated Proctored exam:

You must allow access for the browser to record your screen through the Mac "Security and Privacy" setting.

To enable this setting, click on the System Preferences icon.

Examity Automated Proctoring Quick Guide for Instructors

Automated proctoring is a self-service modality. Although students will have access to Examity support, it will be extremely important for them to read the guides and review the below video prior to exam day. 

Watch Automated Proctoring Student Demo Video

There are two main differences between Live Proctoring and our automated solutions.  

Examity Automated Proctoring Quick Guide for Students

Examity is a site that offers a secure test taking environment. 

As the test taker, the most important component is ensuring all tech requirements are met:  


Google Chrome's latest version and no pop-up blocker


  • Desktop, laptop computer or Chromebooks (tablets and phones are not supported)

  • Built-in or external webcam

External Webcam Setup

Some students might be asked to use an external webcam to test with Examity. To find out if you will be using an external webcam to test with Examity, please reach out to your instructor. 

The external webcam setup should be at an angle that would show the profile of your face, your whole desk, and your computer screen.

For detailed information with images, please check out the PDF.

Introduction to Taking Tests with Examity


Examity is the University of Arizona's online authentication and proctoring service. Your instructor may choose to use Examity with any exam assessment to provide a level of test- taking security. Examity uses web-based services to schedule your exam time, and connect you with proctors on the day of the exam.

Minimum Tech Requirement for Examity

Examity uses the following system requirements for a proctoring session:

  • Desktop computer, laptop or Chromebook (tablets and cell phones do not meet our requirements)

  • A working built-in or external webcam and microphone

  • Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not recommended.

Refresher for using Examity for Instructors

As a returning Examity user, you are not required to go through another training, but if you would like a refresher, please reach out to InTech@email.arizona.edu

Get Started

  1. At least 2 weeks prior to the exam start date, submit the Course Registration Form

First Time Examity Use for Instructors


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