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How to Record Directly in PlayPosit

This KBA explains how to utilize the screen capture, audio recording, and video recording features in Playposit using Panopto.
PlayPosit Instructor Basics Quick Start

PlayPosit Video Streams Failed to Load Error with Panopto Videos

Learn the steps to correct the "Video streams failed to load" PlayPosit error.  
PlayPosit Instructor Advanced Basics

Improve Panopto Video Quality in Playposit

How to improve your Panopto video quality when it is being used in PlayPosit
PlayPosit Instructor D2L

PlayPosit Roles

Learn about the different PlayPosit Roles including Owner, Co-Editor, Facilitator, Instructor, and TA.   
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Hide PlayPosit Grades in D2L

How to make it so a bulb that is added to a course is not part of the final grade. Also, how to give access to a bulb that will no longer be for a grade after a certain date. 
PlayPosit Instructor D2L Grades

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Copy Forward With PlayPosit Bulbs

Learn the simple steps you need to take when you copy forward a D2L course with PlayPosit bulbs. 
PlayPosit Instructor D2L

How D2L and PlayPosit Work Together

Learn the details of the relationship between D2L and PlayPosit and how it affects you and your students.
PlayPosit Instructor Basics D2L Grades

Link/Embed External Content in Bulb Interactions

Learn how to add external content to your bulbs' interactions including URL links, attachments, Google Docs, and videos.
PlayPosit Instructor Advanced

Tips and Tricks for Using PlayPosit

A list of some tips and tricks to help make your use of PlayPosit a little easier for you and your students.
PlayPosit Instructor Basics Quick Start