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Share a VoiceThread with Edit Permission

This article explains how to share an Individual VoiceThread for editing purposes. 
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Change Default Visibility Settings in PlayPosit Account

How to change the Instructor Visibility settings to make your Bulbs and Playlists private. 
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Unlink a Bulb from D2L

How to correctly unlink and delete a PlayPosit bulb from your D2L course site. 
PlayPosit Instructor D2L

Locate, Copy, & Edit Premade Bulbs

How to locate and copy Premade Bulbs in the PlayPosit instructor dashboard.
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Change the Video Source in PlayPosit

Explains how to change a bulb's video source. 
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Change Panopto Share Settings

Explains how to share a Panopto video that is intended for PlayPosit. 
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Change Grade Items Linked with PlayPosit

Explains how to update grade items in D2L that are linked to the PlayPosit grades. 
PlayPosit Instructor D2L Grades

Add a Panopto Video to a PlayPosit Bulb

Provides a step-by-step walk through on how to add a Panopto video to your PlayPosit bulb. 
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Add a PlayPosit Bulb into D2L

Explains how to add a PlayPosit Bulb into your D2L course site via Existing Activities. 
PlayPosit Instructor Basics D2L

Add a Graded Bulb into a D2L HTML Web Page

Explains how to add a graded PlayPosit Bulb into an HTML Webpage in your D2L course site. 
PlayPosit Instructor Student Advanced D2L