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Examity Systems Check

Before starting your exam, ALWAYS check your system to ensure you meet the minimum require to take an exam with Examity. The system check will include checking your network speed.
Student Basics

Create a VoiceThread Presentation

This article walks through the creation process of how to create a presentation in VoiceThread and then how to share the presentation. 
Instructor Student Basics

Access VoiceThread on your Mobile Device

This article explains how to access your course and personal VoiceThreads on your phone or tablet. 
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Add Individual VoiceThread into D2L

This article illustrates how to share an individual VoiceThread to your D2L course. 
VoiceThread Instructor Basics D2L

Comment on a VoiceThread

This article explains how to utilize each of the five commenting options in VoiceThread. 
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Give Permission to Copy a VoiceThread

This article explains how to change an individual VoiceThread's settings that give others the permission to copy. 
VoiceThread Instructor Student Advanced

Locate Your VoiceThread

This article explains how to find your VoiceThread in the VoiceThread Webpage
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Make a Copy of a VoiceThread

This article shows two different ways to make a copy of an individual VoiceThread.
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Share a Basic VoiceThread Link

This article shows how to share your VoiceThread with a basic sharing link. 
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Share a VoiceThread to a Group

The article explains how to share a VoiceThread to a group. 
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics