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Minimum Tech Requirement for Examity

Student's minimum tech requirement to use Examity.
Examity Student Basics

Refresher for using Examity for Instructors

How to use Examity as a returner in 3 steps!
Examity Instructor Quick Start

First Time Examity Use for Instructors

How to start using Examity in 4 steps and less!
Examity Instructor Quick Start

Add Exam Shell for Third-Party Platform

Examity can proctor a test from a third-party platform.
Examity Instructor Basics

Add Examity Shell - Pencil to Paper

Examity can proctor pencil to paper or PDF tests.
Examity Instructor Basics

Add Special Access for Students in D2L

This article explains how to add special access for students in D2L for quizzes or tests. 
Examity Instructor D2L

Syllabus Introduction to Examity

This article is an introduction to Examity that Instructors can use for their students. 
Examity Instructor Student Basics

D2L Quiz Shell to Examity Shells

This article covers how to import D2L quiz shells to Examity exam shells. This involves how to add accommodations, special instructions, set quiz restrictions and attempts allowed. 
Examity Instructor Advanced D2L

Examity Systems Check

Before starting your exam, ALWAYS check your system to ensure you meet the minimum require to take an exam with Examity. The system check will include checking your network speed.
Student Basics

Create a VoiceThread Presentation

This article walks through the creation process of how to create a presentation in VoiceThread and then how to share the presentation. 
Instructor Student Basics