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Syllabus Introduction to PlayPosit

This article is an introduction to PlayPosit that Instructors can use for their students. 
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

External Webcam Setup

This article teaches how to set up your external webcam to test with Examity.
Examity Student Basics

Best Practice for Bulb Construction

PlayPosit can help you transform videos into active learning objects with in-video questions, surveys, and discussions.
PlayPosit Instructor Basics

Introduction to VoiceThread for Students

Learn how to use VoiceThread in 3 steps!
VoiceThread Student Quick Start

Introduction to PlayPosit for Students

Learn how to use PlayPosit in 3 steps!
PlayPosit Student Quick Start

Minimum Tech Requirements for PlayPosit

The minimum tech requirements to use PlayPosit.
PlayPosit Instructor Student Basics

Introduction to PlayPosit for Instructors

Learn how to use PlayPosit in 3 steps or check out the PlayPosit Academy!
PlayPosit Instructor Quick Start

VoiceThread Universal for Screen Readers

What is VoiceThread Universal and how to access it
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

VoiceThread Examples

This article provides VoiceThread examples for your convenience.
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Minimum Tech Requirement for VoiceThread

The minimum tech requirement to use VoiceThread.
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics