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Hide PlayPosit Grades in D2L

How to make it so a bulb that is added to a course is not part of the final grade. Also, how to give access to a bulb that will no longer be for a grade after a certain date. 
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Copy Forward With PlayPosit Bulbs

Learn the simple steps you need to take when you copy forward a D2L course with PlayPosit bulbs. 
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How D2L and PlayPosit Work Together

Learn the details of the relationship between D2L and PlayPosit and how it affects you and your students.
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Link/Embed External Content in Bulb Interactions

Learn how to add external content to your bulbs' interactions including URL links, attachments, Google Docs, and videos.
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Tips and Tricks for Using PlayPosit

A list of some tips and tricks to help make your use of PlayPosit a little easier for you and your students.
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Using PlayPosit Broadcast

About PlayPosit Broadcast and how to add a Broadcast bulb to your course. 
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Create an Interactive Syllabus

Stop syllabus questions before they start by making your syllabus interactive in four easy steps!
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PlayPosit Examples Showcase

Example showcase of five PlayPosit bulbs instructors can use as models for their own courses.
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PlayPosit Academy and Partner Resources

Become a PlayPosit Certified Educator by learning the everything you need to know about PlayPosit from the basics to the advanced features.
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