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Honorlock Syllabus Introduction

This article is an introduction to Honorlock that Instructors can use for their students.
Instructor Basics

VoiceThread D2L Warning Messages

On August 1st, the D2L and InTech activated a VoiceThread Warning Message that appears in the description field of a VoiceThread link.  If you have old VoiceThread integration links in your course, you will see a red error message.  After 12/16/22 these links will cease to function entirely.  Open this article to learn more.
VoiceThread Instructor Advanced Basics

Assignment Builder D2L Discover Tutorial Information

How to self-enroll in the D2L Discover Course - VoiceThread Assignment Builder Tutorial
VoiceThread Instructor D2L

Removing and Replacing Outdated 1.1 VoiceThread Links

As of June 6th, 2022, the D2L and InTech team has updated the VoiceThread D2L integration.  The new 1.3 VT integration will change the way you create Assignment Builder links in D2L, the results of copying forward with any VoiceThread material, and the way you will insert "classic" VoiceThread links into D2L.  This is not so much a change to VoiceThread itself, rather the way that VoiceThread ties into D2L.   
VoiceThread Instructor Advanced Basics Quick Start

VoiceThread Email Notifications

How to edit which email notifications you receive on VoiceThreads.
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

How to Record Directly in PlayPosit

This KBA explains how to utilize the screen capture, audio recording, and video recording features in Playposit using Panopto.
PlayPosit Instructor Basics Quick Start

PlayPosit Video Streams Failed to Load Error with Panopto Videos

Learn the steps to correct the "Video streams failed to load" PlayPosit error.  
PlayPosit Instructor Advanced Basics Sign In Trouble

This article will show you how to log in to if you are getting a screen asking you to sign in to VoiceThread or asking you to reset your VoiceThread password.
VoiceThread Instructor Student Basics

Improve Panopto Video Quality in Playposit

How to improve your Panopto video quality when it is being used in PlayPosit
PlayPosit Instructor D2L

PlayPosit Roles

Learn about the different PlayPosit Roles including Owner, Co-Editor, Facilitator, Instructor, and TA.   
PlayPosit Instructor Basics