Locate, Copy, & Edit Premade Bulbs

Premade Bulbs are bulbs created by other users that have been made public. You can copy, edit, and use for your purposes.

  1. Navigate to your PlayPosit dashboard. Click on the left sidebar menu and select “Premade Bulbs”.

  2. At the top of the Premade Bulbs page, choose between the tab options at the top. You may choose to view bulbs from University of Arizona Media (bulbs created by UA instructors that have been made public to the institution), or All PlayPosit (bulbs created by all PlayPosit users that have been made public). Then click "Search".

  3. Apply any desired filters from the pop up menu. Once you choose the filters, select the "Filter" button at the bottom right of the menu.

  1. Once you find a bulb you want to use, click on the three dots menu to the right of the bulb name. The menu options include Preview, Export Worksheet, and Copy. To view a bulb, select Preview. To use the bulb for your own purposes, select Copy. Then select either Copy & Edit to edit the bulb immediately, or Copy Only if you want to edit it later. You can also rename the bulb in the "Copied Bulb Name" field, if you wish.

Now that you've made a copy of the bulb, you will be able to edit it and use it in courses as you wish. Learn more about Premade Content here

Last Updated:
Monday, June 27, 2022