Introduction to VoiceThread for Students


VoiceThread (VT) is a web-based, interactive collaboration tool that allows users to compile a variety of media such as images, videos, audio clips, presentations and documents into a single space for discussions. With VT, conversations may take place in real-time or asynchronously through contributed comments with microphone, text, webcam video, telephone or uploaded audio/video files. Think of VT as bringing the in-person classroom discussion to a virtual space.

Get Started

If your course is using VoiceThread, the link should be embedded in the D2L course site where you can access it. There are multiple ways to use VT. The most common method is commenting. To comment on a VoiceThread:

  1. Select the VoiceThread presentation

  2. Click on the semi-circle at the bottom of the VoiceThread screen and choose your commenting method

You can leave text, audio, or video comments, depending on the VT presentation settings. If you have more questions about the various commenting methods, check out this guide about VT commenting.

Please note: All VoiceThread content is owned by the individual who created it and are private by default. In order for your instructor or classmates to view your VoiceThreads, you must choose to share it with them.

  1. Leave a comment on the VT presentation

Once you have completed your comment, you should see your profile icon appear on the left side along with your comment, which you should be able to read or play.

Below is a quick orientation video to familiarize you with the VoiceThread interface.


Minimum Tech Requirement

For the best experience using VoiceThread, please check the minimum tech requirement. It will share the required internet connection, web browser recommendation, and tablet and phone compatibility.

Last Updated:
Wednesday, June 8, 2022