Introduction to VoiceThread for Instructors


VoiceThread (VT) is a web-based, interactive collaboration tool that allows users to compile a variety of media such as images, videos, audio clips, presentations, and documents into a single space for discussions. With VT, conversations may take place synchronously or asynchronously through contributed comments with microphone, text, webcam video, telephone, or uploaded audio/video files. Think of VT as bringing the in-person classroom discussion to a virtual space.

It’s easy to learn to use VT, and using it can make your course more engaging for your students. Let’s get started.

Getting Started

  1. Visit and login

On the VoiceThread homepage, click the login button in the top right corner and enter your NetID information. This will create an account with VoiceThread under the UA enterprise license.

  1. Create a classic VoiceThread presentation

At the top navigation bar, click the “Create” button and go through the process of creating a VT presentation.
For more help on how to create a new VoiceThread click here. For more information about using VoiceThread's newest feature with a grade book connection, Assignment Builder, click here
Please note: All VoiceThread content is owned by the individual who created it. An individual can determine by whom and when their content is accessed through sharing permissions. VoiceThreads are private by default, and must be shared to be viewed by any other user or group.

  1. Add the VT presentation to D2L

You’ll find the VT integration with D2L under the “Contents” tab in a D2L module. Click on the “Existing Activities” button, select “External Learning Tools” from the drop-down menu and then “VoiceThread.” This will launch the VoiceThread Setup page, where you will select “Individual VT” and then choose your presentation to add it into D2L. For details on how to add an Indivdual VT into D2L, click here.

IMPORTANT: Removing a VoiceThread from D2L

If you use Assignment Builder and want to delete the VoiceThread Assignment AND the D2L grade item, you must select "Permanently delete both the topic from Content and the associated file or activity from the course" to remove the external learning tool link from the course. Then you will be able to delete the associated grade item. Please contact if you are having trouble with this.


VoiceThread is a versatile tool and can also be used in other ways in your course, such as students or groups creating VT presentations. VoiceThread maintains a digital library of successful examples organized by categories such as Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, ESL, Professional Development, etc. For more information and to see examples, visit the VoiceThread Digital Library

If you are interested in using VT in a specific manner, send an email to and we can brainstorm with you the best way to use this tool to meet your needs. 

Minimum Tech Requirement

For the best experience using VoiceThread, please check the minimum tech requirement. It will share the required internet connection, web browser recommendation, and tablet and phone compatibility.


Last Updated:
Monday, October 10, 2022