Introduction to PlayPosit for Students


PlayPosit takes a passive experience, like watching a video, and makes it more interactive for you as the learner. The interactions are embedded throughout the video, varying from multiple choice questions, true/false statements, reflective pauses, polls and discussions. This gives you an opportunity to engage with the video while reflecting on your gained knowledge from the lesson.

Get Started

If your course is using PlayPosit, bulbs (the interactive videos) should be embedded in the D2L course site where you can access them. 

  1. Play the bulb

Press the playback button and watch the bulb like any streamed video. 

  1. Respond to the interactions

When the video automatically pauses, you will be prompted to complete an interaction, which could be questions, polls, discussions, and so on.

  1. Complete the bulb

Remember to watch the bulb to the end in order to get credit for completing it.

Student Experience

Note: Please open this page in a Private Browser/Incognito Window if you receive an "Unauthorized Preview" of our examples.

Here's an introduction to PlayPosit, the interaction types, and the interface and controls, you may need to enable full screen, which is described in the screenshot below.


Minimum Tech Requirement

For the best experience using PlayPosit, please check the minimum tech requirement. It will share the required internet connection, web browser recommendation, and tablet and phone compatibility.


Last Updated:
Thursday, June 9, 2022