Introduction to PlayPosit for Instructors

Get Started In 3 Steps

  1. Go to

The link will send you to the UA webauth sign-in page where you will login with your NetID. This will create an account with PlayPosit under the UA enterprise license.

  1. Build a Bulb

In the upper left corner, click on the “Add a New Bulb” button and go through the process of creating a bulb. Learn more about best practices for building a bulbhow to build a bulb, or getting the most out of an interactive video.

  1. Add a Bulb to D2L

You can find the PlayPosit integration with D2L under your “Contents” tab in a D2L module. Click on the “Existing Activities” button, select “External Learning Tools” in the dropdown menu and then “PlayPosit.” This will launch the PlayPosit dashboard where you can select your bulb and add it directly into D2L. See the step-by-step process here.

Check Out PlayPosit Academy and Trapper Keeper

PlayPosit Academy is a series of how-to demonstrations showing you everything you need to know to get started with PlayPosit. Click the link below to begin:

PlayPosit Trapper Keeper contains helpful resources about PlayPosit. Click the link below to begin:

Minimum Tech Requirement

For the best experience using PlayPosit, please check the minimum tech requirement. It will share the required internet connection, web browser recommendation, and tablet and phone compatibility.

More Information

PlayPosit takes the passive experience of simply watching a video, and adds active learning components to make the same video an interactive experience. As the creator you will use the PlayPosit platform with integrated video streaming services such as Panopto, Youtube or Vimeo to add points of interaction to the videos you use in your course. These interactions will take the form of multiple choice or true/false questions, reflective pauses, polls, discussions and more. A “Bulb” is PlayPosit’s term for the interactive video you create. 

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Last Updated:
Tuesday, September 6, 2022