1.3 Integration Update to VoiceThread - Why'd We Do It and What's Changing?

So, why'd we do it? 

Upgrading to the 1.3 Integration of VoiceThread drastically improves the efficiency of using the tool in many ways.  

  • Classic VoiceThread and Assignment Builder links no longer need to be reconfigured after copying forward to a new course.  Student-made comments and slides are automatically stripped from the VoiceThreads, and all the settings chosen during configuration will persist in the new course.
  • Assignment Builder will be available campus-wide (the InTech team still highly recommends some training before utilizing Assignment Builder for the first time in your course.  Please contact us at D2L@arizona.edu for different training options)
  • Grade items for Assignment Builder assignments get created as you create the assignments
  • Individual VoiceThreads will automatically remove all student-made comments and slides, copy themselves into the new course's VoiceThread Course Folder, and link the new copies of the VoiceThread to the link in D2L when copying your course forward

So, what's different?  

Here's what's changed with adding VoiceThread and Assignment Builder links into D2L:

The VoiceThread activity has moved to the Existing Activities menu:


Once you have clicked the VoiceThread option in the Existing Activities menu, you will be presented with the updated configuration screen which will include the option for Assignment Builder:

From the new configuration screen, simply select Assignment Builder, Individual VoiceThread, Course View, or VT Home Page to configure the link to direct the student to the preferred destination.



Last Updated:
Thursday, November 17, 2022